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Our greatest satisfaction is to offer tourists the best stay. We have put our effort on the quality of our facilities, ensuring a complete service in the Dorms, Grocery, Buffet and Grill.

  • Grills with tables and benches along 250 meters of shoreline.
  • Parking lot.
  • Secure boat lot.
  • Bait and fuel for sale.
  • Guided boats.
  • Dorms with room for four people.
  • Barbecue area.




The Campsite Rio Bonito, located along the Parana river and 42 km away from Corrientes city, offers the chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of the Mesopotamian region.
This area of the Parana river is very rich in flora and fauna.
Moreover, the vast canyons, earth walls protruding from the water, give it a unique beauty.